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November 2, 2020

HVAC Dealer Advantages: What Trust Delivers for Your Business

With health and wellness restrictions clouding every one of our decisions right now, what good is it to be this transparent with every aspect of your business?

Because transparency rebuilds trust (you can quote us on it).

At Pricebook, we’re built on transparency.

  • We’ve built our sales software on the premise that more transparency is better. By showing more options. By managing more data. By empowering homeowners with more confidence.
  • Attend one of our demo webinars, and you’ll see exactly what we’ve built – 100% of the Pricebook sales environment. We show you the live Pricebook, every time.
  • Call our support line, and you’ll get a human being in less than 15 seconds – not an automated script. It’s really us on the other end of the phone.

You could say we read like an open *Price*book.

Establishing trust is the key to all good relationships; but especially the salesperson-customer relationship. It’s the basis for any agreement, contract, or bond. Without trust, the deal won’t get done.

In today’s current environment, your customers’ guards set to ‘hypersensitive’. They’re assessing the next steps in their routines every day, and that’s because they’re looking for stability and consistency. This search for stability isn’t new, but it is definitely a contrast to the rest of the world’s message of  division, confusion, and uncertainty.

As a direct service provider to homeowners, you earn a number of advantages when you establish a trustworthy relationship with your homeowners (and in turn, trust in your business):

  • Trust Advantage 1: Building credibility as an expert in the HVAC field to help them make better decisions about their homes, energy consumption, and their quality of home comfort for the future.
  • Trust Advantage 2: Presenting your product knowledge by providing variety of options and further details about ‘why’ some options are better than others.
  • Trust Advantage 3: Connecting value with investment by showing how different options and how to make the most of their HVAC project budget.

As part of our ENGAGE, INFORM, WIN platform, we’re bringing trust into new areas of your digital-dependent business program. We’ve already implemented many helpful features in Pricebook that are now essential to a remote-selling experience:

  • Live Chat – spin up a quick chat window during a phone call to talk over the details of a proposal with your customer
  • Video Conference – launch a Zoom video conference to quickly review options, pricing, or equipment in real time
  • Cloud-based Proposal Updates – a feature from day one (years before COVID), Pricebook data updates in real time via the cloud
  • Email, Share, and Print capabilities – for ease in delivery of a proposal to your customers – wherever they are

Find out how we’ve built a trustworthy process into every step of the customer relationship – with valuable tools and features you can use right now to make your job easier during these complicated selling conditions.

Schedule a 30-minute demo of PricebookCore or PricebookPlus – just visit to schedule your tour of our trusted selling and presentation software.

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Written By: Kevin McCarron

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