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November 18, 2020

Stop Switching: How Data Management Helps You Focus on Other Areas of the Business

As a business owner or sales representative, you likely have to check and recheck the integrity of your business data frequently. Do these daily tasks sound familiar to you?

  • Acquiring customer information, addresses, phone numbers, and availability.
  • Confirming new product documentation, specifications, and efficiency data.
  • Setting your pricing, warranties, rebates, and installation packages.

If you were to try and orchestrate ALL of these information tasks of your business simultaneously, it’s likely to take you up to 33% longer to gather everything together – and even more time to actually do something with the gathered information. The more concurrent tasks you add to your plate, the longer it will take to complete all of them.

Analysts have evaluated this multi-tasking approach, and they identify a variable known as ‘switching cost’ – the productivity that is lost due to performing several tasks at once, or multi-tasking.

From the early days of Pricebook over 10 years ago, we’ve been building software exclusively for HVAC service industry. From the outset, we’ve established a ‘data source standard’ for our customers – which sometimes goes unnoticed. Not only have we built and effective, easy-to-use software solution for comfort dealers to use, but we’ve also developed this HVAC data source architecture to reduce your daily ‘switching cost’.

When you fire up Pricebook every morning, you’re plugging into a powerful, robust data source that significantly reduces the need for multi-tasking.

What’s even more convenient is our industry-specific knowledge of this data. Pricebook works exclusively in HVAC because of our own experience as HVAC business owners, sales managers, and comfort technicians.

As it relates to the selling with a software solution, we’re proud to say we know what you’re facing when you’re ‘at the kitchen table’, because we’ve been there. We know exactly how, when and where the homeowner will ask for the proposal. We have poured over the equipment data, pricing, financing, and we know how it should be displayed. When you use Pricebook for your business, you’re tapping into the built-in expertise and understanding of effective sales strategy, data integrity, and proposal presentation.

Before you go searching online for another equipment model number or flipping through an outdated paper catalog for an AHRI rating, take 15 minutes to see what Pricebook can provide in terms of better data management, improved workflow, and time savings from far less ‘multi-tasking’.

10 Real Things HVAC Leaders (Who Worry Less About Data) Can Now Do

  • Train your team on better customer communications
  • Host a lunch-and-learn to address other stress points in your business
  • Call up a past customer to see how they’re doing
  • Work on your local web search optimization – local search is critical
  • Write a 500-word blog post and share it – (kind of like this one)
  • Capture a video of your team on social (and share it)
  • Develop your 90-day roadmap for marketing, sales, or customer success
  • Attend a virtual or in-person seminar on sales techniques
  • Add another customer lead per day to each of your sales reps schedule
  • Go home early – start the grill – win the day!

We’re ready to help you make better use of your time, your data, and your expertise.

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Written By: Kevin McCarron

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