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November 19, 2020

Selling With Technology: 3 Things Happen When Homeowners Win

A few weeks back during a webinar we hosted with some of our HVAC equipment partners, Pricebook CEO John McCarthy dropped a statement to the group that stuck with us.

“Homeowners have to win. It’s fundamental.”

John McCarthy
CEO, Pricebook

This may seem trite to experienced salespeople, but it’s true. There are a number of factors a homeowner keeps track of to judge whether or not they are ‘winning’—value, information, respect, time, and expense – to name a few.

As business owners, there are 3 reactions from ‘winning’ homeowners you’re looking for:

  1. When they win, they share the win.

    There’s nothing better or more genuine than a personal referral. The hand off between your current customer and a prospect is the best way to build rapport and trust from the beginning. Your customer has taken their experience, recognized the value and expertise, and have put their reputation on the line to share it with others. Be sure to treat this referral with extra attention and respect for both your existing customer and the prospect.

  2. When they win, they double-down.

    Return and repeat business is just more validation of a job well done. Not only did the homeowner find value in the first go-round; they also believe in you enough to double- or triple-down on your products and services. The key here is to remain present between purchases. Through short communications, marketing, and periodic check-ins, you stay ‘top-of-mind’ for when they need you the next time they’re in the market for your products and services. It’s standard practice, but a helpful reminder.

  3. When they win, they feed back.

    Probably the most valuable takeaway of the ‘winning’ relationship with your customers is gathering their prompt feedback. Introduce a short post-purchase survey or testimonial to help capture their current mindset and approval of your process. This is also a great moment to ask for their suggestions on ways your business can improve – in providing information, communications, timing, or installation experiences.

When homeowners win, they act as advocates on your behalf. Getting to this point as a business leader takes an intentional, daily focus to ask the right questions, document their responses, and provide solutions to their problems they’re facing.

For more examples on selling with technology and building better customer relationships, check out the blog on Trust and Transparency.

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About Pricebook

Pricebook Digital develops the premiere HVAC selling software, data source management, and homeowner presentation platform—PricebookPlus—for dealers and distributors in the home comfort industry. Over the years, we’ve built on our experience and partnered with some of the smartest software developers, customer service specialists and product developers in the HVAC industry. The result is a practical, powerful solution that gives everyone on your team the tools they need to perform and grow to their highest potential. Visit for more information or to book your personal demo.

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Written By: Kevin McCarron

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