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November 12, 2020

7 Types of Data Pricebook Manages for HVAC Dealers

Keeping up with the ever-growing data set for your HVAC business can be daunting. Managing multiple ‘silos’ of data is a constant battle – but Pricebook can help organize these segments of data and present it to you in a logical workflow to keep you productive. Since Pricebook’s inception, we’ve built expertise in managing HVAC data across 7 areas:

  1. Pricing

    Let’s be honest…of all the data points that flow through your business, pricing information is by far the most sensitive. If pricing isn’t configured correctly, all other areas of the business (downstream and upstream) will be thrown off. Whatever pricing strategy or methodology you set (margins, markup, etc.), Pricebook can be customized to track and report on your bottom line with utmost accuracy.

  2. AHRI Ratings

    The AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) Directory of Certified Product Performance tracks and certifies a manufacturers’ products – conducting tests via independent laboratories under contract to AHRI. Equipment and components are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that the manufacturers’ published performance ratings are accurate. Pricebook stores and updates AHRI ratings for your lines of equipment – we’ve built this data source as the backbone for our software solutions.

  3. Equipment numbers

    Model numbers come straight from the manufacturer, and keeping them organized and searchable is essential to your business. With this structured data at your fingertips, you’ll save time hunting down the right unit for your customers. Pricebook updates entire sets of equipment data for you.

  4. Equipment Resources and Brochures

    Branded brochures and documentation keep dealers and customers informed of product features, capabilities, and instructions. In Pricebook, we link directly to these resources so you can offer them to your customers. And – they’re all housed in digital formats to make sharing and linking automatic for your team.

  5. Rebates

    Offering rebates to your customers provides helpful incentives, value, and closing opportunity during the sales process. From manufacturer and utility rebates to seasonal offers and programs, you want to be sure these incentives are presented and available to your customers. Take greater control over your proposals and apply the rebates in real time – all through the Pricebook dealer interface.

  6. Finance plans

    As you guide your customers through your sales proposal experience, your finance plans can make the sale even more achievable to homeowners – if they are offered at the right time and with the right information. As a service to you, we keep track of dealer fees of the finance plans which you can apply to the retail price.

    Pricebook provides easy configuration of finance plans – and you have the ability to show financing in each option you present to the homeowner. They see their plan options – along with payment forecasts – in real time with Pricebook.

  7. Manufacturer Warranties

    Your labor warranties may stay the same, but the manufacturer warranties will change from time to time. As part of our data management, Pricebook keeps this important information up to date as part of your ongoing service so your customers are always informed on the most up to date warranties from the manufacturer.

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Written By: Kevin McCarron

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