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May 8, 2019

Summer Ramp-Up

Have these statements echoed through your company?

“Was there a new furnace introduced?! How can we be sure?!”

“What about our rebates – do we have them included on every proposal?!”

“Do I have the latest pricing from my suppliers?!”

“There’s been another price change… what??”

“I got something from my distributor about new Ductless mini-splits… do we have info on those?”

“Rebate season is underway! Do I have the latest rebates ready to present to homeowners?”

“Speaking of rebates… there’re some great promotional finance rates, I seem to remember…”

“Were there engineering changes to the our bread & butter Heat Pump model? (or Air Conditioner, Air Handler… etc.)”

“Gosh, my TM usually builds out a new pricebook for us… I haven’t seen it yet. They must be busy…”

“I haven’t updated AHRI specs on the systems I like to sell since last year… or was it the year before…? Wonder if they’re still valid…?”

With so many details to attend to, so much information to gather and so much to put in place – most of your time is spent just getting setup!

Let Pricebook™ do the heavy lifting for you 
by managing the data.

Pricebook’s comprehensive home selling solutionPricebookPlus – is a leader in the industry. Our setup is easy, and you’ll be ready to sell more with minimal effort on your part.

Tag(s): Data+Driven

Written By: John McCarthy

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