Pricebook Testimonials

"Wonderful! Thank you so much! I am currently working in it now and I am so excited with how quickly quotes are able to be built!"

Steven - Warner Service

"We love the real time updating of proposals - a lot of our customers have been wowed by that. It gives us a leg up on the competition. Also - the 'Buy Now' for homeowners...we got notifications this past Sunday on 3 or 4 new orders that came in by homeowners using the 'Buy Now'."

Jake - South Carolina

“We depend on it; it just opens up the doors.”

John - South Carolina

“Southern efficiency was the top RunTru dealer before PricebookPlus. In the first week (using Pricebook), they sold 6 high-end Trane units.”

Air Engineers

“Just sold an add-on that I wouldn’t have usually offered that just paid for the system.”

John - Comfort Dealer

"I love y'alls program. I talk about it everywhere I go.
It's the best one out there.
And, if I ever had a problem, you guys jump right on it; most times, it was my fault or something I didn't realize I could do."

Andy - Hutcheson Mechanical 

"It is very easy to sell systems through this program.
Customers love the visual aspect of the show page,
saving a lot of time building out proposals."

John - Moore Heating

"I love the way this looks!
It gives such good proposals. It does exactly what I want.
Well worth the money."

John - Aire Serv - Kansas

"I really love this PricebookPlus. I'm closing more deals and it's so much easier to write proposals, especially right at the kitchen table. It's doing exactly what I need it to. It makes it so much easier. It makes my sales process so much more concise."

Gene - Comfort Dealer, Owner - California

"We love, love, love this program."

Adam - Indoor Comfort Team

"Btw - My first summer with your software and I am finding how really indispensable it is. The speed and simplicity it provides me in the field is something that I have not experienced with other products in the 16 years I have been selling for Empire. Thank you!"

Chris - Empire Heating & Air

"PricebookPlus has been a lifesaver. I use it every day and it saves me a ton of time."

John - Seliga Heating & Cooling - Missouri