PricebookPlus generates compelling in-home presentations to homeowners, configures custom proposals, manages leads, tracks pricing, and aligns system match-ups - all built on the Pricebook DataSource service for HVAC dealers.

The PricebookPlus Sales Cycle:

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Praise for PricebookPlus

"Homeowners love the choices and we get more compliments on the professional look of the proposals."
Brian - Arlington, TX
"I like this a whole bunch."
"I love it. It's awesome. I'm never going back. I've used it with 90-year old people and they love it."
Devin - Naples, FL
"You guys have a heck of a product and my guys love the simplicity in building great-looking quotes. Frankly, I do too. What used to take me half an hour is down to just a few minutes."
Thomas - Corpus Christi, TX

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PricebookPlus Features

  • Present as Many Best/Better/Good Options as Needed

  • Proposals Viewable via Dynamic Webpage

  • Proposals Activated, Edited, Deactivated via Cloud

  • Responsive Web App Interface

  • Pricebook Plus - Cookbook Pricing for Multiple Consumer Needs

  • Generate Proposals by Market Segment

  • Variable Pricing by Proposal Option

  • Equipment Pricing Updated Automatically (DataSource)

  • Online Buying Process Gives Homeowners Control

  • Present Manufacturer Incentives & Financing

  • Lead-Tracking Features (CRM) Provided

What is Pricebook DataSource?

Pricebook DataSource is the up-to-date data store for HVAC equipment specifications. 

Pricebook DataSource is the 'engine under the hood' for all Pricebook software solutions.

We monitor and store vast amounts of HVAC manufacturer  specifications to maintain the equipment data associated with your brand lineup. We keep it accessible and accurate so you can provide better pricing and achieve greater efficiency.

Managing your equipment data in the cloud with Pricebook DataSource allows you to remain focused on the important work of selling effectively, building customer relationships, and operating your growing business.